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The waiting game is probably the hardest game you could play. It’s all the more difficult when you’re waiting to be with the person you love like let’s say your online girlfriend. When a couple meets and falls in love online, there will always be a “waiting phase” in the relationship but you can always cope with it, no matter how hard. We’ve gathered a few suggestions that might be able to ease the unpleasantness of waiting:

1. Skype, WhatsApp, Viber

These are all messenger apps, as you’ve noticed. You should have one or two of them so you can communicate anywhere and everywhere. Download Skype on your computer and then download one messenger app on your smartphone. There are loads of messenger apps to choose from. Our personal favorites include WhatsApp and Viber. Once you’ve done this, communicate a lot. This is the only connection you have so you have to keep it consistent.

2. Help each other learn the language

There’s a bit of a disadvantage when you communicate a lot: running out of things to talk about. A great idea to avoid this is by tutoring each other with the language the other speaks. Think about it. Talking with your online girlfriend might prove to be difficult if she’s not fluent in English and vice versa. You can consider this as sort of a hobby for the both of you and since you’re teaching each other a language, you won’t run out of things to talk about. Great idea, right?

3. Email a lot

Skype, Whatsapp and Viber are great if you’re not tech-savvy, you may find it difficult to use them. A great alternative is emailing. You can email back and forth as many times during the day as you want. It also has that “old school letter” feel to it so it’s more romantic compared to instant messaging.

4. Get back into shape

By now, you should’ve realized that this was on the list, right? While you’re waiting, why don’t you get back into shape. This way, when you see each other you won’t only look great on the outside, you’ll feel great on the inside which will make your online girlfriend feel more at ease, more comfortable and more familiar with you.

5. Guard your heart

This has to be the most important thing to do while waiting for your online girlfriend – guard your heart. Why? Because, there will be a lot of trials ahead. Who knows what’s going to happen while the both of you are waiting? You might meet someone, she might meet someone, both of you could have a big misunderstanding and so on. It is sort of dwelling on the negative, but this is just to show you the reality. Guard both of your hearts!

Like what was said earlier, the waiting game is the hardest game to play for lovers but if you really put your mind into it, the time and the distance will not mean much. If anything, the time you both spent waiting for each other will be a way to make your relationship stronger.