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In today’s post, we are going to list what are good topics for chatting online or in person with a Russian woman. It’s likely you have ran out of things to discuss in the past, but this post should give you an arsenal of options to keep the conversation lively. To make sure your date doesn’t get bored you should keep the following topics in mind:

Discuss Her Country

This idea seems obvious but you’d be surprised how many people can forget something so basic just because they are very excited during the date. Russians are definitely very proud folk and you should ask them about Russia. As an example, ask her where exactly is she from because as you know Russia is an enormous state and the culture may vary depending on where one lives. Russian history is also very fascinating so you can ask her to describe the history of the city or town where she lives. Another great ice breaker is to ask which are the most beautiful places to visit in Russia. When she answers you can suggest that you two take a nice romantic trip to that location.

Bring Up How Beautiful She is

The beauty of Russian women is known all over the world. It’s definitely true that Russian women want to look as good as they possibly can. It is a good idea to ask about exercise since a lot of them love keeping in shape. Refrain from commenting on body shape and so forth. There is a thin line between offering a compliment and coming across a bit rude.

Bring Up Her Hobbies

Everyone is unique in their own way regarding the hobbies they have. It’s a good idea to figure out what she loves to do so you can suggest doing something together and you will already know in advance she will love it. This gives you a great idea if you two are a good match. If you happen to be a very outdoorsy active and sporty type and she is loves being a couch potato it may not work out too well. Bring this up and pay careful attention to what she says.

Surely there are plenty of topics you can bring up on a date, not just these three. You can basically talk about just anything with a Russian woman but be sure that you don’t: 1. Insult her country in any way. Not even jokingly. 2. Insult her in any way. 3. Get too personal with questions about her past relationships. 4. Embarrass her in any way.