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Greek women, though not the major subject in most forums or dating websites, are among the most beautiful women in the world. They have slender bodies, gorgeous hair and stunning faces to boot but have you ever wondered what a Greek lady is like attitude-wise?

Today you’re going to find out and this is going to be helpful information for you if you want to date Greek women in the future. So, what are Greek women like?

Loving Greek Women

1. Open-minded

The first thing that’s noticeable in a Greek lady’s attitude is open-mindedness. This means that she’s in if you want to have an adventure, she’s in if you want to try something new with her and she’s definitely in if you want to do something different while you’re hanging out.

This is something wonderful that you can expect with younger Greek ladies. You never know what they will say yes to unless you ask (and don’t be shy to ask either but, at the same time, don’t go overboard with the asking).

2. Social

All Greeks are pretty social. They keep their social network close and intact. If you happen to like a Greek lady already, don’t feel threatened by the guys that she’s with. They may just be part of her circle of friends. Beside, being too clingy is unattractive. Don’t you agree?

Additionally, if you are in Greece, it’s advisable for you to try and meet new people. It’s best to make friends with other nice girls just in case the one you’re wooing now is not interested.

3. Family-oriented

Don’t be surprised at how close your Greek lady friend is to her family. One very characteristic trait of a true Greek is being family-oriented. Elders are respected in the Greek culture and men find it an honorable responsibility to take care of their family.

The same goes with the Greek women. They have been brought up with family constantly around them and it will remain that way. An admirable trait, if we do say so ourselves, especially when the time comes for a Greek lady to have a family of her own.

4. Approachable

Most Greek women, especially the women that are from popular Greek destinations where tourists always visit, are very approachable. Saying hi to these women at a bar or at a coffee shop is no problem as you’ll most likely be hanging out with her again soon.

Because Greece is such a popular destination, most women are used to foreign men approaching them or asking them out on a date.

When in Greece, seize every opportunity that you get when you encounter someone you’re interested in – that’s our advice.

There’s a lot more than what meets the eye with Greek ladies and, blatantly, there’s also more to them than just these 4 traits so our recommendation to you is this (as usual): do the work and research on Greek culture, Greek dating and so on. You’ll learn heaps and it will even prepare you for when you actually travel to Greece for a vacation.