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What distinguishes a Russian girl from all the rest and why a lot of men seem to want them as their girlfriends? One of the most obvious reasons would be their beauty. Russians are blessed with a certain kind of genetics that produce these model-like women. Well, aside from the goddess-like beauty and hot, rocking bodies, there are still their personalities to consider that makes them quite special and worth all the effort.

All Of The Best Features A Russian Girl Possesses

Russian girls love to cook. Most especially, for you.

The Russian culture can still be quite traditional compared to western nations. Women still are the primary homemakers and with this, they are, most predominantly, the one who cooks in the home. Russian girls are raised with these values and their particularly like cooking. They enjoy the art of cooking especially if it is for someone close to their heart such as family and boyfriends. Worry not, these ladies are more than adept at cooking though you might want to develop a love for dill. Russians are crazy about dill and it would really please her if she sees you enjoying her dill infused meals.

A Russian girl is raised on traditional values.

Even with the continuing westernization of the world, Russian girls tend to still have more traditional values compared to most. They are very loyal and faithful and will not stray as long as the relationship is kept healthy and happy. In addition to this, Russian girls are also more open to traditional gender roles. Not that she will wait on you hand and foot, but that she doesn’t really mind doing the house chores like cleaning and laundry. Plus, these women will most likely leave the decision-making to you, most of the time. Of course, these ladies are their own persons as well so they will insist on some decisions from time to time, but more often than not, you will be the one to make the choices, because they do like a dominant man. Just make sure you hear her out on her opinions and weigh decisions on a healthy compromise between you two.

A Russian girl sounds attractive.

Okay, let’s admit it. There is just something so attractive about a woman with a Russian accent. This might probably be due to the nature of the Russian language and how whenever she says something, it is instantly imbued with extra attraction. Or maybe, it’s because the Russian accent seems to add a little growl to everything she says that makes it feel fierce and commanding.