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What is your idea of a Russian beauty? Where did you get the idea from? And, do you really believe in this idea? You see, most American men have their own misconceptions on what a Russian beauty is like. Some are accurate and some aren’t. Some are positive and some are not so good to the ears. It’s all a matter of finding out for yourself but let us save you some more time by telling you four ideas that American men have of Russian beauties that are incorrect.

Ideas American Men Have About Russian Beauties

1. All Russian beauties are breathtaking.

Russian women may be considered as the most beautiful in the world but beauty is still in the eye of the beholder. Most Russian women have striking features – large nose, prominent jaw, soul piercing eyes, hour glass body and so on. Some men may not like a large nose or a prominent jaw so it is still up to the beholder on what he finds as beautiful.

2. All Russian beauties can be ordered from the internet.

Here’s another false statement. Russian beauties are not “ordered” off of the internet. They are, first, dated over the internet just like how you would date someone in Tinder or in Plenty of Fish. And then, the Russian beauties may choose to meet their suitors in person and after a bit of time, if they feel that it is appropriate they may opt to get married. This process doesn’t sound like ordering, right? That’s because it isn’t. It sounds like your typical boy-meets-girl love process.

3. All Russian beauties want to go to America.

A lot of Russian beauties would want to go traveling and it’s not just America they have their eyes on. They also have their eyes on Asia, Paris, Hawaii and more. Basically, traveling is a want that most people desire but do not have enough time nor resources to do. It’s the same with Russian women but this doesn’t mean that they specifically want to go to America for alternative reasons.

4. All Russian beauties are willing to love you.

We cannot force anyone to love us back, certainly not Russian women. Remember that it is not in a Russian woman’s character to be at your beck and call, to love you willingly and blindly without question. On the contrary, if you want to be with a Russian female, you have to climb quite a mountain.

We will always have misconceptions of our own when it comes to a certain group of people or a certain country. The best way to remedy this would be to make friends with someone from that culture or from that country to get your facts straight from the source.

Don’t forget to check back in with us again soon for more fun posts about the Russian culture, about Russian women and about general online dating.